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  • Externally, the herb was often combined with others and blown over patients during rituals, and used in sweat baths. Today, it continues to be used for gynecological problems, including pre- menstrual tension and menopause, as well as arthritis , aches , colds , nervous conditions, respiratory ailments, Tinnitus, and Sciatica.
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  • WELCOME to New Moon Occult Shop one of the worlds largest online wicca witchcraft pagan occult shops. From Athames to Watches, from crystal goblets to gold pagan jewellery, from celtic throws to dragon housewares we have a huge variety of pagan, druitic, occult and new age goods.
  • Organic Chinese canine herbal supplements for holistic veterinarian practicing acupuncture! Made in the USA with pure ingredients and no fillers or animal ingredients.
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  • Super healing foods, purple sea moss, gold sea moss, Sea moss, sea moss gel, sarsaparilla, chaney root. We’ve assembled an extraordinary group of alkaline super healing herbs that were vigorously recommended by the late great Dr. Sebi. These amazing herbs are powerfully created by nature, specifically for you.
  • Lobelia Herbs (Lobelia inflata. Diminish the approach of an oncoming storm by throwing powered lobelia at it. Use in sachets and incense to attract love. Herbs used are for magical and incense purposes only.
  • Dec 03, 2012 · Gotu kola has long been thought of as the “spiritual” herb, used by yogis to help improve meditation, said to help develop the crown chakra—the energy center at the top of the head—and to balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain. The herb is also very popular in Ayurvedic Medicine, known as the promoter of long life.
  • THE NEW NEW AGE is a medicinal herb farm and nature sanctuary, located in the Otter River Valley of Southwestern Ontario, Canada. Inspired by the interconnectedness of human and environmental health we practice beyond-organic, ecological farming and ethical wildcrafting inspired by permaculture.
  • Bulk Herbs and Powders. Sort Alphabetically: A to Z. Newest Items First; Sort Alphabetically: Z to A ... Sign up to get special offers for all your metaphysical needs ...
  • The Bach Flower Remedies work in harmony with herbs, homeopathy and medications and are safe for everyone, including children, pregnant women, pets, the elderly and even plants. Visit these Bach Flower Web-Sites DirectlyFromNature.com – For Orders BachFlower.com BachFlower4Kids.com BachFlowerPets.com
  • The Smile Herb Story Smile Herb Shop was founded in the early 1970’s by a woman affectionately known as “Sweet Cicely”. She shared her love of plants and the earth with all. In the spring of 1975, when current owner Tom Wolfe happened to walk in, Cicely was itching to get back to the woods and out of doors.
  • Ideal for cutting hard and bulk herbs including ginseng Stainless, heavy duty ; 4 herb feeding holes Adjustable slices (0.1 – 3 mm) knob On/off switch ; Size: 275 mm x 170mm x 220mm ; Weight: 28 lbs
  • Olivia's Healing Herbs. No Pressure/ Anti Stroke (High Blood Pressure) $24.99 - $99.96. Quick view Choose Options. Olivia's Healing Herbs. Iron Infusion. $40.00 ...
  • Offering wholesale, custom orders, and more. At Evergreen Herbs, we take pride in We can provide our customers with wholesale quanitites and prices as well as providing our...
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Grandstream hold buttonHe grouped Ganoderma herb into six categories by its color and form, namely Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, White and Black Ganoderma. All six types have its own medicinal values and healing effects. According to the record, "continuous consumption of Ganoderma makes your body light and young, lengthening life and making you like an immortal who ... Healing Crystals was founded in 2003 with the goal of providing affordable and quality crystals worldwide. Our Mission is to "Promote Education and the Use of Crystals to Support Healing". We sort, pick and pack all of our crystals with great care. We also offer a special Prayer to each crystal and include it with every order.
Bulk Herbs for Sale. Please Note That Orders Take 3-5 Business Days to Process Before Shipping.
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  • Yarrow herb (Achillea millefolium) – a super internal healing herb organ repair, “Yarrow flower used in chronic diseases of the urinary apparatus, is especially recommended. It exerts a tonic influence upon the venous system, as well as upon mucous membranes. Dried Chiles, Spices and Herbs. Wholesale: Lucia's Herbal Remedies Yerbaniz / Mint Marigold.
  • List of Metaphysical Companies, Suppliers, Distributors, Manufacturers, Importer. Metaphysical varieties as pendulums for dousing, wands accupressure and massage, tumblestones, pyramids...
  • Medicinal Herb Plants Online Catalog Grow Your Own Live Medicinal Herb Plants Garden. About Us. Medicinal Herb Plants Nursery is a small family business located in the Northern California Town of Orleans, tucked between mountain ranges in the Klamath River Valley.

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May 19, 2017 · Finer grind = more of herb’s healing properties will be released into the oil infusion. So buying powdered herbs for a salve is perfect. If you’re using whole herbs, grind them using a coffee grinder or Vitamix dry container/blade. Step 1: Make an oil infusion with your herbs. The first step in making a salve is to make an oil infusion.
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A soothing blend designed to nourish the Lung Yin and Liver Blood. Traditionally eaten as a sweet soup these tasty herbs are used in Chinese Medicine to moisten dryness, gently clear heat and benefit the skin, bringing a healthy glow to your day.
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We wholesale and retail a wide supply of USDA certified organic, wildharvested and all natural soap, lotion and cosmetic crafting ingredients. Contact us Call Us: (503) 343-4992 My Account
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Herbal Remedies is your complete herbal remedy and health supplement super store! Since our first customer over 14 years ago we continue to be a "TOP RATED" nutritional supplements store in YAHOO.com's customer satisfaction surveys.
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We specialize in carrying authentic hand-gathered Native California White Sage for ceremonial and personal use. We also carry a wide variety of other smudge stick and herbs such as Cedar, Sweetgrass & Lavender.
  • Herbs are plants that contain a life force of their own. Slowly infusing herbs into oil transfers the healing properties, flavors and colors to the oil, and is one of the oldest forms of medicine-making. A simple infusion can transform an oil into a versatile ingredient to jazz up your cooking or create your own skin care products.
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  • Fenugreek Seed, organic (bulk) Fenugreek is a herb that has an ancient history. It has great use in local healing and reducing inf.. $0.70
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  • You have arrived at Wiccan Supplier the wholesale division of Moon's Light Magic Wiccan Supplies Store We specialize in the wholesale witchcraft supplies industry. We offer 40% off retail price to any reseller with a valid tax ID that would be interested in selling our products in their own wiccan stores.
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  • Find herbalists, traditional chinese herbs, medicinal herbs, traditional chinese medicine, herbs for medicine, herb treatments, and herbal supplements in our green resources guide.
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